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Phil Kessel's days with the Stanley Cup: Kessels, Wisconsin, hospitals, and Toronto

He's more than earned all this time with it!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Kessel is awesome and everybody loves him. Anybody who does not love him does not count in any way, shape, or form; they are to be ignored and shunned. Especially when it's Kessel's time with the Stanley Cup. These days are all about him, and the friends and family who have helped him get where he is.

So of course, there was cake. A very big, beautiful cake.

And hello - Kessel Ct, with three Kessels gathered around it!

Where everybody, no doubt, had a fantastic time.

Lord Stanley.

A photo posted by @amandakessel8 on

That was all in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Like Sidney Crosby, Kessel gets a second day with the Cup: and he decided to spread the love in his old stomping grounds of Toronto.

(Look at his bandaged wrist!)

Kessel's waited a long time to get the Cup, and now he's doing good with it. Totally worth it this year - let's do it again sometime!