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If you're going to crash Kris Letang's pool, it better be for Pokemon

Actually, maybe don't crash it at all.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Letang got a rather rude awakening this morning. At least it's the off-season, when he has more downtime, but still - don't do this, it's not cool.

See, yeah, no. Even if it's a very awesome pool - which I assume Letang's is - you don't crash it without asking. Although it does sound like Letang would have been willing to be a bit more lenient if there were Pokemon there...

There have been reports of some Pokemon GO players trespassing in order to catch Pokemon. Which is also still extremely not cool, but at least maybe an excuse Letang would have been willing to buy? If that had been the case, that is.

Nope. They were only after Letang's pool.

Carl Hagelin has a different approach to all of this:

Sure, when it's not Hagelin's pool. What's the bet he was one of the guys crashing it?