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Eric Fehr's day with the Stanley Cup

Slushies? Slushies.

Long-time Washington Capital, and one-time Winnipeg Jet Eric Fehr is experiencing a new first. After his first season with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he played 23 playoff games - and won the Stanley Cup for the first time in his career.

Such an occasion can only be properly celebrated one way in particular: a day with the Stanley Cup.

Granted, everybody on a winning team gets their day, but Fehr has played 11 years in the NHL. This is the first time he's gone deep into the playoffs, let alone won. So his day must have been special.

And so, the Cup visited Fehr's hometown of Winkler, Manitoba.

The other Cup winners to come from Winkler? Former Kings forward Dustin Penner, and former member of the Blackhawks organization Byron Froese.

And ever the helpful guy, he assisted his daughter in lifting the Cup over her head for the first time!

She's a champion, just like her dad.

And then slushies. Because slushies are delicious.

It is the Stanley Cup, though - so I wonder if any Bellinis snuck in there, too.