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WATCH: Sidney Crosby brought the Stanley Cup to Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital

Crosby shared the Cup with a ton of people when he had it.

Sidney Crosby had a busy couple of days with the Stanley Cup. He shared the Cup (and Conn Smythe) with the kids at his hockey school, and at Tim Horton's. He shared it with all of Cole Harbour.

He also shared it with the veterans at Camp Hill, Nova Scotia's Veterans Memorial Hospital. As Gord Miller introduces at the start of the video: Crosby was at the children's hospital first, but wanted to share the Cup with the veterans, too.

So he did just that - and in between playing games with the veterans, he took the time to share the Cup with as many people as he possibly could in the building, as well, much to the delight and many smiles evidently experienced by all.

This is just awesome. Looks like it was a really busy time - but when you get to share your life's goal with everyone you possibly can, it's all worth it.