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Here's Phil Kessel's grandma chugging from the Stanley Cup

The thing you didn't realize you needed to see until you knew it existed.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Phil Kessel's grandma is an inspiration to us all. Phil Kessel's grandma is what we should all hope to be when we grow up.

Her grandson won the Stanley Cup. They had a family party. And grandma got to chug.

Kessels confirmed for best family ever? When we look at just who they came from, it's obviously not a surprise now.

Phil Kessel winning the Stanley Cup was the highlight of many people's seasons, even well outside of Penguins fans - and we're still getting more and more things to love about it, even as we're well into the dog days of summer and July approaches its end.

Thank you for this gift, Phil Kessel. And of course, Grandma Kessel, for making all of this possible. You're the best.