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Trevor Daley's day with the Stanley Cup

Sharing it with everyone: friends, family, the future, and a little bit of nostalgia, too.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Daley became an unexpected darling of the Pittsburgh Penguins rather quickly. Unexpected in the sense that he didn't join the Pens until just after Mike Johnston was fired - right before their season did a quick upturn for the better.

Oh, and the one-for-one deal that sent Rob Scuderi the other way. That just helped make it even more awesome as Daley blossomed, right up until he broke his ankle in the third round.

But Daley was the second to touch the Cup after Sidney Crosby passed it to him, cognizant of his sick mother who got to see her son raise the Stanley Cup for the first time. (She has, sadly, since passed.)

He's gotten his day with it now, too, and definitely spent some really good, quality, nostalgic time with it.

Now that's how you spend a day with the Cup. Via the Toronto Sun, he also had a great party with friends and family, many of whom no doubt helped him get to where he is.