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Chris Kunitz shares Stanley Cup with friends, family, cake, and Saskatchewan

Two days with the Cup - in two very different places.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Kunitz has won the Stanley Cup before. Back in 2009, when he was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins at the trade deadline, he hoisted it for the second time (the first coming way back with the Ducks back in 2007). And then, like the rest of the Penguins, he had to wait another seven years before he got the chance again.

On day one he first met up with friends and family in Chicago, where they all had a massive dinner together - with the Cup as the best possible centerpiece ever.

Could the centerpiece top the cake, though?

Yes. Yes it could. Because the real deal is always the best thing - although that's a mighty fine looking cake, regardless, and a cake that all other cakes should aspire to be.

A couple of days later, the Cup was up in Saskatchewan, where Kunitz is from.

And it was back in his hometown he gave the Cup some very beautiful hardware of its own:

It looks like it was in his hometown of Regina Kunitz was eager to share the Cup with the public, too.

And that's how you celebrate a Stanley Cup win!