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Justin Schultz lived up his day with the Stanley Cup

After all that time in Edmonton, can you blame him?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When you look at the Pittsburgh Penguins' defense, you see a pretty young group overall. Led by Kris Letang, there's then Trevor Daley. Ian Cole falls in line as the next old man of the group, and then, surprisingly enough, it's Justin Schultz. He's been around the league for a while, but he's still relatively new to the Penguins, only having just come in at the trade deadline.

Well, he may have come in at the deadline, but he still ended up playing 15 games in the Stanley Cup playoffs, collecting four assists along the way. And he may have been heavily sheltered, but when injuries struck the Penguins, he was someone to turn to.

And after spending four seasons playing for Edmonton, all without so much as a sniff of the playoffs... well, wouldn't you live up your day with the Cup, too?

(Oh yeah, he's had a lot of time to work on his golf game.)

(I think this is the most bro picture of the summer so far and I LOVE it.)

Aw, look at him - he's hugging it like he never wants to let go. Now he's just gotta do the same thing next year!