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Beau Bennett's day with the Stanley Cup

He's no longer on the Penguins, but Beau Bennett got his day with Lord Stanley

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After the parties of June are over, the Stanley Cup is now making it's rounds to the players for their traditional day with the Cup. Logistically, it looks like it's starting out west, since Beau Bennett had his day with the chalice in California.

Bennett, of course, has been traded to the New Jersey Devils, but it's nice to see him get his day with Lord Stanley. Also, as we pointed out, if the Penguins follow the strategy they did in 2009, they will be able to petition 3 extra players to get their names engraved on the Cup. This would be for those who didn't play 41 regular season games or a game in the Stanley Cup Final. Of them, Masterton Trophy finalist Pascal Dupuis is definitely getting on there, and Jeff Zatkoff (aka Mr. Game 1) is another strong candidate. Bennett is probably the 3rd best player candidate.

However, if the team elects to add more management/organization names, they might not have a spot for Bennett. Time will tell, but interesting to note Bennett is right on the line for getting on his name on the Cup with the 2016 Penguins. With 33 regular season and 1 playoff game, he has the most games of anyone, so he seems to have a good chance if they keep the same amount of players as 2009.

Anyways, what did happen was Bennett's day with the Cup, and it looked like a lot of fun.

Bennett also spent some time at his childhood rink and allowed fans to take pictures with him and the Cup, which is a really cool move on his part to be generous enough to spend some of his time with Stanley with the hockey community of Southern California.

And US figure skating champion Gracie Gold showed up to see the silver (see what I did there?)

Stanley at the beach is a good look.

And, how cool is this, from r/penguins someone got a snapchat of Beau celebrating at the same place with 2016 NBA champion (and LA native) Richard Jefferson from the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Bennett's last act as a Penguin put the players' day with the Cup off to a great start. Bennett also recently signed a one-year, $725,000 contract with the Devils.