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Matt Cullen - and his sons - got their time with the Stanley Cup

It's been 10 years in between Cups; Cullen has more people to celebrate with now.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There were some truly awesome circumstances that resulted in bringing Matt Cullen to the Pittsburgh Penguins. General Manager Jim Rutherford wanted him, knowing him from his time with the Carolina Hurricanes when he won a Stanley Cup, and so he came: on a rather cheap deal, providing excellent efficiency while scoring in a leadership role throughout the year.

Cullen's family - specifically, his three sons - got their own rise to fame via his Players' Tribune article. And his kids are probably the biggest difference over the 10 years Cullen went between Stanley Cups.

That calls for an extra special celebration for the family.

Can't celebrate on an empty stomach.

This is maybe one of the purest celebrations with the Cup - although hopefully, if his own kids make it one day, touching it early isn't a problem.

This is too cute to resist, though.