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Evgeni Malkin reaches the big 3-0 - Happy birthday, Geno!

Thirty years young!

Today is July 31, 2016. This day, 30 years ago, one Evgeni Malkin was born.

That's right: Malkin has officially been on this planet for a full three decades, and what a full three decades they've been.

It's a milestone number, both in real life and the world of professional sports. We always hear the phrase "the wrong side of 30" and, well, that's exactly where Malkin falls, now.

Not that there's anything to worry about there. He's already managed 760 points in 644 NHL games throughout his 20s, and this past season, he scored 58 points in 57 games. He has played just one season - the 2010-11 year - in which he wasn't above a point per game.

So sure, he might slow down a bit with age as it comes. Everyone does. But he's still undeniably one of the best in the world, and for that, he should enjoy his cake on this wonderful day.


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