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Matt Murray: After getting called up, it feels like 'I just woke up two months later and we have the Cup'

And now, that Stanley Cup is going to his hometown of Thunder Bay!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Thunder Bay is a decently-sized city - roughly 120,000 people, according to its website - that has produced its fair share of NHLers. Roughly half of the active ones appear to be Staals, including former Penguin Jordan. Former Penguin Robert Bortuzzo is one of them, too!

Oh, and current Penguin Matt Murray. You might remember him as "this year's Stanley Cup-winning goalie".

To that end, the Stanley Cup will be headed up to Thunder Bay later this month.

Via an interview with Thunder Bay's The Walleye, Murray said he isn't quite sure what he's going to do on his day with the Cup just yet - but that he definitely wants to share it with the community he came from.

Oh, and there will be alcohol.

TW: Settle an argument for us. What is the most quintessential Thunder Bay thing you could eat or drink from the Stanley Cup?

MM: I think you’ve got to go with some kind of alcohol when you’re drinking out of the Cup because you’ve got to celebrate. So I would say the Sleeping Giant Brewery.

TW: Any kind in particular?

MM: I’ve only had it a couple times, but I had it at The Foundry a couple of years ago. I don’t remember which kind I had, I’m sure they are all really good. I don’t really discriminate… you can’t really have a bad beer.

As for the rest of the summer? Murray has a quick turnaround for the World Cup in early September. He'll probably be starting for Team North America, so he's going to have to totally step away from hockey for a bit - which is understandable. His life has had a lot of it these past couple of months.