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WATCH: Pascal Dupuis narrates opening of Penguins' championship film

Who's ready for an emotional punch to the gut? Duper nails it.

There's nothing better than living a Stanley Cup win in the moment. You spend all season watching your team, and all of the emotions come out in one last go when the ultimate goal is finally achieved.

But that doesn't mean you don't revisit those moments. It's the destination, but it's the journey, too - and it can be difficult to put it all back in perspective. Commemorative films make it all the easier to do so.

It looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins' commemorative 2016 Stanley Cup Championship film will be available on July 26, but there are some previews already available. Like the above Pascal Dupuis opening. He's the only guy you could really get to open it - he's the only one who can portray that gravitas and truly evoke that emotion - and it's so, so effective.

Guys like Dupuis are what it's all about. So this is probably going to be awesome, because it looks like they've already nailed it.