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Brian Dumoulin shared the Stanley Cup with his hometown

It's estimated at least 5,000 people showed up.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In 2015-16, Brian Dumoulin got to play his first full NHL season. He didn't score any goals, but did set a career high in points with 16 assists.

Oh - and he also won the Stanley Cup. That part was pretty important, too.

And, as is tradition, he got his day with it - and shared it with a lot of people in his hometown of Biddeford, Maine, spending extra time making sure everyone who came got the chance to see the Cup. Biddeford more than gave back, as he got a key to the city and was proclaimed "awesome" on what he described as an "emotional" day.

Nick Bonino, who still hasn't gotten to experience his day with the Cup quite yet, did have a request for him:

It sounds like Dumoulin helped Bonino out, because here's evidence of the Cup still fully intact, if being used for possibly the most questionable drinks yet.

(Uh, pretty sure you're not supposed to drink sea water, even if it's from the Stanley Cup...)

But nah, the Cup was definitely kept safe. Dumoulin (and, more importantly, the Cup) had a police escort on a big day in Biddeford.