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Nick Bonino fills Stanley Cup with pasta, babies

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He also took it to a children's hospital, so you know it was a fantastic day.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Nick Bonino has been with the Penguins for a little over a year now, and over that time, he's captured the hearts of Pittsburgh. From being a third of the famed HBK line to having the best-ever Punjabi hockey call (or maybe just best ever hockey call, period) in his honor, it's really hard to not love the guy.

Plus he's funny on Twitter. That's an easy way to get people to love you.

After cautioning Brian Dumoulin to not break the Stanley Cup, Bonino got to have his day with it - intact.

So he filled it with pasta.

There's a good reason it was filled, though: it's something he's wanted to do for a while. Via the Hartford Courant:

"Nick would say, 'If we ever win the Stanley Cup, we're eating pasta out of it," Nick's mom, Joanne, said.

"His grandparents are probably Nick's biggest fans," Lauren said. "Poppa calls Nick before every single game. He leaves him a voicemail."

Joanne's dad, Jim Orsini, is 93. Her mom, Nina, is 90. Nina broke her hip and is doing well in rehab, so the feast would have to go to her. Nick cooked the pasta, Joanne said. Tuna fish with angel hair, Steve said. Yes, Lauren said, it is Nana's secret tuna fish pasta.

They brought it to The Reservoir in West Hartford. Mr. and Mrs. Orsini: Dinner for two, compliments of Lord Stanley.

"I think that's the one memory I will cherish the most," Bonino said. "My Nana and Poppa kissing the Cup and eating pasta out of it is something I will never forget."

This is one of the best things to come out of this summer so far.

In addition to the pasta, a couple of someones were put in the Cup as well.

His daughter, Maisie, was cheering him on throughout the entire playoff run, so...

Meanwhile, another baby got a baptism!

Bonino spent the day at his alma mater of Avon Old Farms, but he had another stop to make: the Connecticut Children's Hospital.

Partnering with Uber for the day, he was also able to get $4,000 donated to the hospital.

It sounds like Bonino's day with the Cup couldn't possibly have gone any better.