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Ian Cole tours the Stanley Cup around Ann Arbor

Oh, you'd better believe a children's hospital visit was on his list, too.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

What's the best way to start one's day? Probably pancakes with the Stanley Cup.

So that's exactly what Ian Cole did.

Cole scored his first-ever playoff goal - not to mention first goal in over a year - en route to helping the Pittsburgh Penguins win Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. A good start was crucial: win that game, and you're one win away. Lose it, and the series is all tied up at two.

Cole opened the scoring, helping his team to that important third win.

So on his day with the Cup, he brought it all around his hometown of Ann Arbor. After the pancakes was a classic, fantastic stop: the children's hospital.

Babies in the Cup for EVERYONE.

Plus, some obligatory Star Wars.

Of course, non-Star Wars people also had the chance to see the Cup on Cole's day.

Plus a little more Ann Arbor for the Cole clan - on his day, why not?