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Pens Points: Penguins on Vesey watch

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Holy crap, there's enough news and notes for a Pens Points

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This is not a test, there's actually enough news and notes going on to gather up for a proper Pens Points.

Jimmy Vesey watch

5 things to know about Vesey [CBS Sports]

Teams that want him: (pretty much everyone)

The Islanders will also talk with Vesey today. [Mark Divver twitter]

Fallout of Vesey-watch could mean some trades and player movement as teams that don't get him move on. [The Hockey News]

Non Vesey news

The Ottawa blog interviewed us about next season, check it out [Silver Seven Sens]

Tyler Kennedy is in a familiar summer holding pattern of working out in Cranberry and hoping his phone will ring with an NHL job offer. [Post-Gazette]

A long, translated interview with former Penguin Darius Kasparaitis, who's had quite the colorful journey. [The Hockey Writers]

Imagining a Jimmy Howard for Ryan Miller trade. [Winging it in Motown]

Professional face puncher Cam Janssen has retired and will join the St. Louis Blues off the ice in some capacity. [STL Gametime]

The Arizona Coyotes just can't quit Radim Vrbata, bring the winger back for a 3rd tour of duty in the desert. [Puck Daddy]