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Ben Lovejoy shares the Stanley Cup with thousands at Dartmouth

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A perfect last hurrah for the former Penguin.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Ben Lovejoy has spent the majority of his NHL career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's been divided into two separate stints; the first ending when the Penguins traded him to the Anaheim Ducks for a fifth round pick, the second beginning when they reacquired him two years later for Simon Despres.

But now, his time in Pittsburgh officially appears to be at an end. The Penguins let Lovejoy go to free agency, in which he was scooped up by the New Jersey Devils, who signed him to a three-year deal.

But it wasn't before he played 24 playoff games for the Penguins en route to a Stanley Cup. And so, even though the former longtime Pen is now departed from his team, naturally, he got to have his time with the Cup as well.


And of course, some quality personal time:

But that wasn't it for Lovejoy. He had to share the Cup, too - and he chose to do just that at his alma mater, Dartmouth.

Now that's just awesome. Lovejoy shared his win with a ton of different people, which must have made for a very fitting end to his time as a Penguin.

Thousands reportedly joined him at Dartmouth to partake in the celebration, and he kept it going until every single person had had their chance to see the Stanley Cup.

That's how you go out in style.