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Bill Burr's Podcast: He just wanted to see Phil Kessel lift the Stanley Cup

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"Phil Kessel looks like he works with wood."

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Remember how you felt when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup? Pretty awesome, right? Right. Definitely.

It was an event a ton of people were watching. Any time the Stanley Cup might make an appearance out on the ice, hockey fans are going to tune in - including comedian Bill Burr, in his podcast filled with very NSFW language.

Burr is from Massachusetts, so of course he's a Boston Bruins fan, but he harbors no real ill will towards the Penguins for their success. In fact, he was pretty excited about the Pens' win - because of former Bruin Phil Kessel.

Everybody loves Kessel. EVERYBODY.

(Heads up: there is quite a fair amount of NSFW language in the above audio.)

Burr did start off his June 13 podcast - aka one day after the Penguins won the Cup - by watching it all come to an end, and the celebration surrounding it. And okay, he really doesn't recognize any Penguins at all - and was apparently completely unaware Trevor Daley had a broken ankle - but it's a lot of fun to listen to just how badly he wanted to see Kessel lift the Cup.

"You gotta give it to Phil! He's (expletive) adorable!" is such a good line. Accurate, too!