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Carl Hagelin got to hang out with the Stanley Cup, and he brought a friend

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That friend’s name? Patric Hornqvist.

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We’re in the dog days of August, and the Stanley Cup is making its European tour. It’s been to Germany. It’s been to Finland. Now, it’s Sweden time.

Specifically, it’s Carl Hagelin time, and he’s got this covered. After always beating the Penguins in the playoffs as a New York Ranger, a series of trades throughout the year finally got him on the good side - where he won once again.

Except this time, he won more than a little series. Much more.

And everybody got to see it!

And he got to stand in a lake!

Plus some very special people got to see it up close. From Hagelin’s brother...

... to his good friend, Patric Hornqvist.

Swedes, you guys. Swedes.

All of this didn’t stop Hagelin from getting to spend some quality personal time with the Cup himself, though. And that’s a part of what one’s very own day with the Cup is all about.