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Matt Murray’s World Cup of Hockey mask is here

It’s not like he’ll be wearing Penguins colors, so he’s gotta get something new.

Hockey will be back in just under a month! Not so much the NHL, but something else with a high level of play: the World Cup of Hockey.

One of the most interesting teams in this new version of the tournament? Team North America, composed solely of Canadians and Americans 23 years old and under. Matt Murray is one of them, and after his performance in the playoffs, it’s hard to imagine he won’t be the team’s starter.

We’ll get to see how the kids do when it’s an entire team composed of the best of the best of them - and the contrast between their play and that of veterans is going to be awesome.

A small problem arises: Team North America is going to wear black and orange. Not Flyers-style - that’d be orange and black - but still, a pretty significant departure from Penguins colors. So either Murray will have a mask that clashes, or...

Okay, yeah, that’s pretty badass. Murray will probably be facing off against fellow Penguins during the tournament, and he’s going to look damn good doing it.