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Biz Nasty Theatre Presents: The legend of Nello Ferrara

You've probably never heard the name of Nello Ferrara but he's a legend even among the sport of hockey's professional players.

Ian Cole, probably not telling a story about this legend
Ian Cole, probably not telling a story about this legend
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the twitter world was rocked with a gem of a story by former Penguins player Paul Bissonnette. Biz Nasty doesn't have almost 750,000 twitter followers for no reason.

Wait, who?/goes to HockeyDB


Well, that certainly is a lot of teams, years and 0 in stat columns.

At this point pull up a chair and some popcorn, you just know it's going to get good.

That's like the American dream right there. Some crappy player just taking advantage of a situation and angling himself in to get to play. And, if you look above old Nello never, ever plays for the same team 2 seasons in a row (or ever again)...And rarely for more than a handful of games too.


At this point other professional hockey players started chiming in as well, like Brandon Bollig now of the Carolina Hurricanes.

And then fellow former Penguin Colby Armstrong, hardly surprising a character like him met Nello once.

Current Penguin player Ian Cole also knows about Nello and seems like he's skated with him at some point in time, which makes geographic sense being as Cole is from Michigan and went to Notre Dame, while Nello's hometown is listed on hockeydb as nearby Chicago.

Nello's been out of hockey for 2 full seasons and is now 40 years old, but hey if injuries strike a dedicated player waits in the wings if any team needs his services.


Hey it's summer. Is August over yet?