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Mike Sullivan shared the Stanley Cup with those who got him there

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That's what this summer is about, and it's wonderful.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

When Mike Sullivan became the Pittsburgh Penguins' head coach, everything changed. It wasn't totally instantaneous, but as soon as Sullivan took the reigns, the Penguins were placed right on the path towards being the best team in the NHL: a path they saw fulfilled by, you know, winning the Stanley Cup.

It couldn't have happened without Sullivan. And for Sullivan, it couldn't have happened without the people in his life who helped him get there.

Sullivan's dad has been "his biggest fan all his life" and was just waiting for him to get a head coaching gig, according to ESPN.

And as Sullivan told, his own coaches from when he was a kid were reaching out to him - so he wanted to give back, and share the Cup with everyone who helped get him to where he is. That included old teammates from BC High, too - and future stars, who also wanted a chance to see hockey's greatest prize, and the man with the brains to win it.

Sullivan's time with the Cup has been about bringing it back to his roots, and sharing it with friends, family, and pretty much anyone whose day would be made brighter by seeing it in person - and really, that's what this summer is all about.

UPDATE: Sullivan has continued to share the Cup with his community - and seeing it on a firetruck with firefighters is all kinds of awesome.

There's a banner in Duxbury, MA claiming it as Penguins country. That's awesome. Good job, coach.