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Kris Letang also had a Stanley Cup cake

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A cake in the shape of the Cup, not an actual cupcake.

A popular trend amongst Pittsburgh Penguins this offseason appears to be giant, life-sized cake replicas of the Stanley Cup. And quite frankly, who could blame them? Don't act like that's not the first thing you'd make sure you had if you had your own day with the Cup.

Kris Letang is a smart man.

His cake is easily the best yet. Not only does it have a little Kris standing on top of the Stanley Cup holding another Stanley Cup (this is some kind of Inception-level stuff, here), but it's got his wife and son, too!

What a cake

A video posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

Seriously. BEST cake.

Letang appears to have spent the day amongst family and friends, right from the first meal of the day.

Breakfast withe cup

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

(Alex on his tiptoes is so precious!!)

He still shared it with some other young admirers, though:

... And it got a good washing...

... before alcohol.

I wonder how many other players give the Cup a sink-shower on their days with it? Because this definitely looked like a good one.


A photo posted by Catherine Laflamme (@cathlaflamme11) on

UPDATE: If you're curious about who made the cake, you can send your love to Nancy Brisson of Gateaux de Reves! And if you really like looking at pictures of awesome cakes, her Instagram page is a must-see.