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WATCH: Sidney Crosby plays 2-on-2 shinny, is better than everyone

Of course, he's better than everyone in most hockey situations.

The offseason seems to stretch on forever. Probably not so much for the Pittsburgh Penguins, since they were one of two teams to play into June; and especially not for those of them who will be competing in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Still, though, that does leave a couple of months in between meaningful games. It's a time for training - though you've gotta spread that out and still make it fun.

It appears Sidney Crosby is doing just that, as he and seven other players took a break to go all-in on 2-on-2 shinny. You can easily tell which one he is because he's the only one wearing a Penguins logo, and also because he's kind of noticeably better than everyone else (although fellow Cole Harbour native Nathan MacKinnon's got some stuff to show off on the opposing team, too). And he scores so many goals.

Can you imagine being Crosby's linemate in a 2-on-2 game? Don't be fancy, just go exactly where he wants you to go and yeah, you'd be fine. He's got the rest covered.