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Marc-Andre Fleury brings the Stanley Cup to Montreal Children's Hospital

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It looks like he had a great day with the Cup - sharing it with friends, family, and the kids.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Stanley Cup is continuing to make its way through the French-Canadian contingent of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Marc-Andre Fleury was relegated to the bench for the majority of the Penguins' Cup run, playing just 79 minutes. Fleury is as much a part of the Penguins as anyone else, though; he played 58 games through the regular season, holding down the fort while the Penguins initially struggled as he put together one of his best seasons. And you don't get a chance to win the Cup without winning in the regular season.

So of course, Fleury got his day to celebrate. First: with breakfast.

Speaking of eating out of the Cup, later: ice cream. (The kids might've thought that even more awesome.)

And because it's the Cup, well... drinks.

The Stanley Cup wasn't just a family affair, though, as Fleury was sure to share it with the kids at the Montreal Children's Hospital!

And then it was off to conclude the day with what must have been a beautiful party.