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Happy birthday, Sidney Crosby

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The world's greatest celebrates birthday number 29

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

8/7 is Sidney Crosby day, as the Penguins captain celebrates his 29th birthday. Two recent stories from this summer stood out.that are worth sharing, the first coming from Sid's day with the Stanley Cup last month.


When Newfoundland's Robin Drodge learned he needed to be flown to Halifax last weekend to deal with serious liver and kidney problems, he had one thought.

"He said, I want to get to Cole Harbour somehow and meet Sidney Crosby. That's my dream," his mother Dianne told CBC's Maritme Noon on Monday.


Robin says the two talked about Newfoundland and hockey. "He's a great player and I told him so," he said. Drodge also noted the hockey player had struggled earlier in the season.

Crosby asked him if he'd ever touched the Cup before; Robin said he had. Luckily Crosby had another trophy — the Conn Smythe — handy to make Robin's day. Robin said he was "on Cloud 9."

"Normally when you're dealing with the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smyth trophy, the protector of the [Cup] – Phillip Pritchard — is around with white gloves. They're very protective of who touches the Cup," Robin said.

Crosby took Robin's hand and toured it over the storied Conn Smyth trophy.

"There was a maple leaf — he said that came from Maple Leaf Gardens — he [took] my hand all the way up to the top," Robin said.

"Just to see Sidney taking the time to take Robin's hand and glide his hand over that trophy and explain to him all the different things on it — it just touches my heart. To take the time that he did to speak to him and listen to him was very, very heart-touching," his mother said.

Sadly, only a little after a week after meeting Crosby, Robin Drodge passed away at age 31.

On a happier note, Crosby took some time recently to make a family's day as well.

Crosby ended up staying for 20 minutes at their house. Quite the summer for Crosby, as good of a person as he is a hockey player. The Penguins are lucky to have him.