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Pascal Dupuis has his day with the Stanley Cup

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It's the last time he'll win it as a player.

Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Pascal Dupuis was at the emotional center of the Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup win. With blood clots forcing him to retire earlier than he would have liked - a decision he did not come to easily, but had to for the sake of not just himself, but his family - he was relegated to the pressbox, unable to have a hand in the team's biggest games.

Certainly not a fun situation for him - at least, not until he was able to dress up in full gear once again and take the Cup from Trevor Daley, skating around with it.

That was special.

No doubt, so was sharing it with his family.

Dupuis didn't just share the Cup with his family; he shared it with his hometown of Blainville, reportedly drawing thousands out, and raising money for charity while he was at it.

But otherwise, it looks like it was a quiet day for Dupuis' time with the Cup - his final win as a player.