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NHL Network names Sidney Crosby second best forward in the NHL today

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Evgeni Malkin made the top 10, too.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL Network has launched a countdown series to get us through the rest of August. And what better countdown to do than that of the top 20 forwards in the NHL right now? Everyone loves the best - and it's a great way to get excited to see them again, first in the World Cup of Hockey, and then in, you know, the NHL.

Both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin made NHL Network's list: Malkin coming in right at number 10, with Crosby named the second best overall.

Okay, we can maybe forgive NHL Network for shafting the 2016 Conn Smythe winner - he was only third in regular season scoring, after all. ("Only.") But it's definitely an improvement from the start of the season, when everyone was wondering if Crosby even deserved the title anymore.

Now, let's just wait for a full season of him under Mike Sullivan.

Here's NHL Network talking Sid (starts at 5:45). There's a lot of love.