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The Penguins’ head equipment manager takes us on a tour of the practice rink

Dana Heinze has been busy. It’s that time of year again!

Soon enough, Penguins will be flocking back to Pittsburgh. When they get here, they’re going to need everything ready to go. After all, there’s going to be hockey to be played - that’s what they worry about.

Dana Heinze, the Penguins’ head equipment manager, gets to take care of much of the rest.

Part of that business? The Penguins’ practice facilities need to be ready to go when everyone comes back. And Heinze and his crew have been hard at work - and then, generous enough to give us a little tour of what’s what while the season approaches.

But here’s the real important stuff - we’re officially back to black and gold, and it’s beautiful.

And then, the equipment itself! It’s all coming together.

So... who’s ready for the season? It looks like the Penguins are getting there off the ice, and looking in absolute top form, too.