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Phil Pritchard - the keeper of the Stanley Cup - has a lot of love for Pittsburgh

He’s been a part of all four Pittsburgh Stanley Cup celebrations.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins-Championship Parade Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Pritchard probably has the best job in the world. He’s the Stanley Cup’s caretaker, so where he goes, it goes - and that includes traveling around with it for its global summer celebrations, as the players who won it typically bring it back to their hometowns.

We’ve seen a lot of his tweeting and pictures over the summer; after all, he gets to document the Cups’ adventures now, too.

He’s been doing this for 28 years. The Pittsburgh Penguins won their first Cup in 1991, 25 years ago. So he’s been here for it all: and he’s gotten to know the city pretty well as a result.

Via Pittsburgh City Paper, Pritchard definitely has a ton of respect for Pittsburgh’s passion, particularly when it comes to sports.

"Pittsburgh seems to blow away every other city in America when it comes to their sports. They love their city and they love their sports."

The City Paper recounts some of the more memorable trips over this summer - particularly the Cup’s first time into Germany - all through Pritchard’s eyes. It’s definitely a great recap of the summer, and a great look at how the Cup’s keeper has embraced the city it's called home since June.

No doubt, Pittsburgh would love to have Pritchard back.