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Sidney Crosby now has his very own Pop! figure

Couldn’t leave out one of the best.

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If you’ve ever wanted to show your love for Sidney Crosby, then you’ve fortunately had a lot of ways to do it; after all, he’s one of the best players in the world, so he gets his fair share of attention and merchandising through that.

But now, we’ve got another way. Funko has finally released a new line of NHL Pop! figures - those adorable collectables you usually see for characters in stuff like movies, TV shows, and comics - and naturally, Crosby is one of the first ones to come into existence.

Better yet, he’s one of six players to come in both home and away uniforms, although the away figure does appear to be a Canadian exclusive.

His hair looks kind of spiky, but the eyebrows definitely set the level of determination we know the real-life Crosby has. Sure, he’s adorable - but he’s also going to score. Just like the actual Sid.

So this is pretty much a must-have, now, isn't it? Thank goodness the Penguins switched over to their proper black and gold, so this Crosby is wearing the best possible jersey, too.