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Brian Dumoulin brought the Stanley Cup to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC

The Stanley Cup isn’t done in Pittsburgh just yet.

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In particularly awesome news, the Pittsburgh Penguins are still showing off the Stanley Cup.

It isn’t just that they’re showing it off, though - it’s who they’re showing it off to.

Brian Dumoulin already had his day with the Cup, which he celebrated in his hometown up in Maine. But he was on hand back in Pittsburgh to escort the Cup to one of its most important stops: the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC.

(Well, not just Dumoulin - a real-life penguin joined in on the fun, too!)

(It’s awesome that babies in the Cup are a tradition pretty much everywhere it goes.)

Dumoulin also spoke about the day with CBS Pittsburgh and WPXI - and no doubt it was a fantastic one for everyone involved.