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GIF: Sidney Crosby’s first goal of the World Cup was ridiculous

Ridiculously beautiful, that is!

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Czech Republic v Canada Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The World Cup of Hockey has officially arrived, and with it, so has Sidney Crosby.

After a week of exhibition games, we’ve finally entered the real start of the tournament. The games mean something now; they’ll dictate who makes it to the knockout stage.

Team Canada is in the midst of dominating the Czech Republic. Who was better suited to start it all off than Crosby?

At 8:26 into the game, Crosby found himself behind the Czech net with the puck. What happened next is... a little too fast to see, actually.

Let’s try a different angle.

Oh. Oh, wow. The puck is going so quickly, the camera can barely register it as Crosby perfectly banks it off of Michal Neuvirth and right into the net. (There was no goaltender interference, for the record. The goal stood.)

Crosby is coming off of winning a Stanley Cup. He’s no doubt looking to repeat that feat, but first, he’s after the World Cup trophy.

This is a pretty good start to achieving that, wouldn’t you say?