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Phil Kessel just completely destroyed Team USA

Team USA didn’t want him. Now Team USA is done.

Pittsburgh Penguins Victory Parade and Rally Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Every time there’s an international tournament, each country participating has to put together a new roster. And every time roster selection occurs from what is basically a limitless pool, there are always criticisms to follow it.

There have been a lot of criticisms for Team USA’s roster. Chief among them: why the hell wasn’t Phil Kessel, elite goal scorer extraordinaire and near Conn Smythe winner, chosen?

We don’t know. We’ll probably never understand Team USA’s braintrust, considering how they’ve been getting criticized from day one.

But we do know that Team USA is eliminated from the World Cup. Sure, they still have to play a game against the also-eliminated Czech Republic - but that’s it. They’re done.

And Kessel had some words for them.

No mercy. Ice cold. Go sit in the corner and feel shame, America. You snubbed one of your best - and he just won the entire World Cup on his own.