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Phil Kessel just dropped the people's elbow on Team USA

After Team USA didn't pick Phil Kessel for their roster, the winger unleashed a tweet after their World Cup of Hockey loss tonight against Canada.

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, Phil Kessel just dropped the mic on Team USA's whimpering elimination at the World Cup of Hockey.

This went up just minutes after lost 4-2 to Team Canada to drop them to 0-2 in the World Cup of Hockey and formally eliminate the Americans from the event.

To understand the gravity of this bomb, consider that Phil Kessel has only tweeted 4 times in the past 14 months. Once to say farewell to his fans and friends in Toronto in August 2015, then an epic shot of him with the Stanley Cup on the ice in June and then a tweet of the golf course today for the Penguins annual golf tourny. He didn't even take a shot at any Canadian media members after winning the Cup...

Team USA willingly chose to leave off Kessel, and Tyler Johnson and Justin Faulk and Kevin Shattenkirk and Kyle Okposo and Keith Yandle in favor of some of the less talented players they did choose to bring, and now they are going to face the backlash of the disappointing results that they got on the ice.

No need to mention any names, and even some of the better USA players (in theory) like Matt Niskanen were just outclassed by a superior opponent.

Still, what everyone with any hockey knowledge outside of USA Hockey headquarters seems to understand, as soon as the rosters were named, is that the Americans didn't have close to their best possible choices at this World Cup. And, despite what the talking heads on ESPN think, it's hardly a surprise their tournament is over as soon as it began.

No worries Phil, the the WCOH basically being a glorified NHL cash grab, I'm sure it was more worthwhile and important to hang out with your dog tonight.