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World Cup of Hockey: Matt Murray injured thumb, but it looks minor

Matt Murray didn't play yesterday for Team North America due to a thumb injury. Sidney Crosby did play for Team Canada and scored another goal as their unstoppable machine rolled forward

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Murray wasn't in uniform for Team North America's thrilling 4-3 OT win over Sweden due to an injured thumb suffered earlier in the week in the game against Russia. From

"It's sore," Murray said Tuesday. "But it's nothing I'm too worried about."

Murray said the injury was not an issue against Team Russia.

"I've done it a bunch of times," he said. "It's something that happens a lot. It's a quick game out there. Sometimes there's little injuries, little aches and pains, but nothing major at all. … It was diving across the net, trying to make a save and I just landed on it funny. Just jammed it."

Never comforting to see the prize young goalie get injured, but luckily it doesn't look too serious. The initial shock of the injury though shows why it was a good idea to keep Marc-Andre Fleury in a Penguins uniform for as long as possible. Goaltender depth is a beautiful thing and having basically two #1 goalies is a nice (if temporary) luxury.

Depending on the outcome of the Finland/Russia game today (a Russia win knocks TNA out, a Finland win knocks Russia out and sends TNA onto the next round), Murray could even be back in training camp in Pittsburgh as early as this weekend. It would be a shame if the high-flying team of youngsters have played their last game together, but it wouldn't probably break the hearts of the Penguins.


One player who won't be back in Pittsburgh the near future is Sidney Crosby. The Canadian captain scored the game's first goal for the second time last night in a 4-1 win over Team Europe. Both teams have already clinched their way into the semifinal round, but Canada was dominant as usual.

Crosby's goal was a nice wrap-around on his forehand, a goal he hasn't scored too many quite like over the years (at least for this memory).

With the way Sid is playing right now, I can't wait to see what he's got in store for the regular season. He hasn't missed a beat from a short summer and looks at the top of his game.