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Pittsburgh Penguins all have new gold goalie masks, and they’re beautiful

Their lids have to match the jerseys, after all!

The Pittsburgh Penguins have finally done the right thing: they’ve switched back to their original black and gold. Not Vegas gold, but actual gold, and it’s so beautiful.

That’s led to a lot of behind-the-scene switches. Changing up the jerseys means more than just that, though; it means all of the branding has to be changed.

And if the Penguins’ goalies are smart, it means they’ll change their masks to go with their new jerseys, too.

The Penguins' goalies are smart.

It’s so gold. Everything is so gold! It’s so beautiful.

Dana Heinze, the Penguins’ equipment manager, is truly awesome for not just sharing these, but for giving us closeups on everyone’s new masks.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s new look is simple, but bold. He’s the only one to go with a black helmet.

While Matt Murray’s mask carries a little more detail, but is still pretty striking.

Sean Maguire has a more chrome look:

While Tristan Jarry went all out with Tom and Jerry.

I think my favorite is Casey DeSmith’s, though. There’s something about the white and gold combination that just plain works.

No doubt about it, this is an awesome collection of masks. Thank you, Penguins, for switching back to proper gold - we all appreciate it, and the goalies’ helmets are just one of the many reasons why.