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Penguins equipment manager takes us through what gets done after a game

Dana Heinze is the best.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have done something truly awesome: they’re back with gold, full time. While we saw them wear their proper black and gold home jerseys throughout the postseason, though, it wasn’t quite perfect: their away jerseys still had Vegas gold instead.

But that, too, is now officially a thing of the past. The Penguins have played a couple of away preseason games, which means the really good away jerseys are officially back.

And had to be washed! Here’s what the Penguins’ equipment staff, as always headed up by the wonderful Dana Heinze, had to do following their second preseason game in two nights:

Beautiful. Though that wasn’t all they had to do, as gear still needed taking to:

And check the time stamps on all of those! Late night - but probably great to get back in the swing of things.