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WATCH: Sidney Crosby mic’d up for the World Cup win

This is probably the chillest tournament win you’ll ever hear.

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 Final - Game Two - Canada v Europe Photo by Peter Power/Getty Images

Sidney Crosby is not nothing if, well, pretty much the greatest of our generation.

Last night, he added yet another trophy to a ridiculous resume: the rebooted World Cup of Hockey, for which he was named tournament MVP. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s Sidney Crosby. All he does is win.

Wanna listen to him winning? Good news - you can!

Unlike some mic’d up videos featuring other players, Crosby is actually pretty calm and chill in this one. There’s pretty much no yelling, not even to celebrate goals. He’s chatty on the bench, and he takes a somewhat lengthy conversation with one of the officials in stride.

This tournament probably wasn’t on the emotional level of, say, an Olympic gold, and definitely not at that of the Stanley Cup, but it was still high-level hockey he devoted nearly a month of his life to.

And ultimately, it’s pretty cool to see how Crosby handles winning: with pure class.