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Tuesday Embrace the Debate: how will the Pens split Fleury and Murray?

A new September series, what will the Pittsburgh Penguins do with their goalies

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Since everyone loved the polls in the Pensburgh season recaps, why not pass the month of September by embracing the debate and tackling some Pittsburgh Penguins topics until we get to the 2016-17 season.

First topic is the juiciest and arguably one of the biggest questions for the Pens, in an off-season of very few questions. It, of course, is about the goaltending situation.

In the red corner, is Marc-Andre Fleury. #1 overall pick in 2003. Holder of every major franchise record for netminding, and also recorded arguably his finest season yet in 2015-16 (.921 save %, 35-17-4 record and 5 shutouts in 58 games). While accomplished, it also was the most frustrating season as Fleury suffered 2 concussions last season, including one in late March. That opened up the opportunity for another goalie to step in the the crease for the league's best team from January on to go on to win the Stanley Cup. And at 32 years old in November, Fleury's not getting any younger.

And in the blue corner, we have Matt Murray. The best goalie in the AHL in 2014-15. The best goalie in the NHL playoffs in 2015-16. The future. But a goalie who's played 40 and 44 regular season career games in the two years his professional career. Is he ready for Fleury-esque duty? (Prior to 2015-16, MAF appeared in 62+ games 6 straight years). Murray has no track-record, but he does have immense skills, plus the confidence of coach+team for doing his part to win 15 playoff games last spring.


So what says you, Pensburgh nation? What should the goalie split be this season? Obviously one would think the team would "ride the hot hand" for the most part, but who should get preferential treatment? Does Murray deserve a certain amount of starts? Or Fleury for that matter?

And, for a minor note of importance- who would you start in the season opener against the Washington Capitals? Murray eliminated them in probably his finest series of the playoffs (including a 47 save on 49 shot night in Game 3). Then again, Fleury has a decade-plus of success against the Caps (19-11-2 career record regular season record vs WSH with a 2.48 GAA and .916 SV% with 3 shutouts).

Did this spring prove that the future is already here in the form of Matt Murray? Or should Fleury, coming off a very good 2015-16 regular season, still be leaned on as the guy for this season? Let us know with your vote and comments.