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WATCH: Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon go on an epic Tims Run

“Are you scared of heights?” “Oh, yeah.”

Remember last summer, when famous Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons had Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon working for them out in their home province of Nova Scotia? We got to see them both hard at work pleasing the customers as they attempted to navigate the ins and outs of the service industry.

Well, they were brought back again this summer - only instead of working the drive thru, this time, they took their show on the road.

Featuring: Crosby’s awkward parking attempt (and exploitation of MacKinnon)!

His driving redemption! (Also, street hockey! But without the Stanley Cup, unfortunately.)

And finally: both Crosby and MacKinnon attempt to be firefighters, and bond over their fear of heights, complete with obligatory comedic jump cuts and swearing.

It’s a shame Crosby and MacKinnon don’t get to hang out together more often - they make an awesome team. But at least we’ll always have their Tim Hortons experience.