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Carl Hagelin sums up 2016

Oh, did something big happen that year?

Each year has its good and bad moments, and 2016 was no exception.

But for the Pittsburgh Penguins, 2016 was undeniably a fantastic year and, well, I’ll let Carl Hagelin take it from here.

2016 was a fantastic year!! Let's make 2017 just as special. Happy New Year

A photo posted by Carl Hagelin (@62hagsofficial) on

Yeah... yeah, that’ll do.

As it stands right now, we’re only a couple of hours into 2017; it stands clean before us, a blank canvas of hope. But that hope, for the Penguins, is pretty realistic; they enter 2017 coming off of another win, with the second best record in the NHL at 25-8-5 and 55 points.

It’s been almost 20 years since a Stanley Cup Champion last repeated. If there’s any team that just might be able to win back-to-back, though - to make 2017 as special as 2016 was, as Hagelin put it - then it’s probably this one.

So here’s to the year that was - and here’s to the year that’s coming up. May it be just as good to the Penguins as 2016!