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Plane life with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Kris Letang and Steven Oleksy played Monopoly.

Being in the NHL means you have to fly a lot.

It’s just a given. You play at least 41 games in cities not your own. And if you’re a team in, say, Pittsburgh, you’re not exactly all that close to any of your opponents - not in the way two teams from New York are, for example.

So you’d better make flying comfortable.

And it is, as Kris Letang and Steven Oleksy have demonstrated for us.

I’m sure Letang is a great banker! At least, I’d hope he is.

The Penguins returned from their bye week with a home game, and their next game will be played in D.C. That’s actually not all that far away - it’s only about an hour-long flight - so I’m actually really curious about the logistics of this Monopoly game.

Did they get it done quickly? That game can take forever. If it’s smaller, does it go by faster? Does having just two people play help speed it along? Did they keep notes in case they didn’t finish, so they can pick it right back up on the next flight?

I have so many questions about this.

That said, they’re definitely living the dream. That’s probably a better flight experience than most of us will ever get!