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WATCH: Sidney Crosby auditions for the All-Star Game

“This is Hollywood, and this is how we do things.”

The NHL All-Star Game is in Los Angeles this year, and to celebrate that, ads for it appear to have taken on a bit of a twist.

For example, we know Sidney Crosby is really good at hockey, which is... pretty much all the qualifications one needs to go. But in this cute little ad, he’s forced to go through the actual audition process, too:

... I feel like I would definitely watch a melodrama starring Crosby. It would probably be kind of amazing? We all know he wouldn’t be the mole, though.

Let’s not forget that Crosby has an Emmy, so it’s not exactly surprising he’d get the part! (Well, that and the whole being good at hockey thing.)

The All-Star game is just a little over a week away, and it still looks like he’s going this year!