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Evgeni Malkin steals the show in this All-Star ad

He’s actually probably the best actor of them all.

It looks like Sidney Crosby wasn’t the only one who auditioned for the NHL All-Star Game. There’s quite the cast of other players there, too... and Evgeni Malkin.

Malkin, who has kept toe-to-toe with Crosby throughout this season. Sure, Crosby has more goals, and he’s done it in fewer games, but both are leading the Penguins in scoring with 54 points each - and right at the top of the NHL in points, too.

Crosby and Malkin have been such an effective tag team this season - but it looks like Malkin has finally outshone him.

In the All-Star ad.

Malkin is, far and away, the best part of this. You don’t really need to watch the whole thing - just go to 20 seconds in and then, for the real good stuff, 1:30 in for Malkin’s mastery.

Not that Malkin is going to be one to drop out of the All-Star Game - but if he wanted to...

(Ironically, he’s probably actually the best actor out of the entire group, too.)