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Matt Murray has a Newfoundland puppy, and he has an Instagram

And this is a BIG puppy.

Through the past two months or so of his rookie NHL season, Matt Murray has been caring for a young one at home.

A very big young one, as he’s got a Newfie puppy named Beckham - and one who has been growing up fast.

Beckham's 4 months today!! ↖️2 months ↙️3 months ➡️4 months

A photo posted by Beckham Murray (@beckhamthenewf) on

He can barely hold him up anymore! Beckham’s gotten huge, and at four months he is certainly not done yet.

For reference, Murray is listed as 6’4”, and male Newfoundlands tend to grow to 69-74 cm at the shoulder, or almost 2 and a half feet - and he’ll almost certainly end up well over 100 lbs. (around 130-150, if breed standards are met). (Murray is 178 lbs.)

So Murray’s got a big little guy on his hands!

It looks like Murray’s girlfriend keeps Beckham’s Instagram really active, so he’s definitely worth a follow.

Aw, he’s beyond adorable.