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Kris Letang is hanging out with a penguin during the All-Star Break

A penguin named after him, even!

Kris Letang has better things to do than be an All-Star.

He’s been there, done that; let Sidney Crosby carry the load of representing the Pittsburgh Penguins, eh? Nah; instead Letang is doing good stuff on his break: hanging out at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium with his family.

We had a great day @pghzoo today meeting a named Letang @cathlaflamme11

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

His family also includes a penguin named after him.

A handsome crested penguin! He and Letang should trade style tips.

Of course, Letang can also use this break to recover from his knee injury; that’s a good use of the league-wide time off, too. He probably wouldn’t be on the ice competitively to begin with, anyway.

But honestly, there’s absolutely no world in which hanging out with a penguin isn’t a day well spent. The Letangs are crushing this All-Star Break.