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Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Capitals 10/11/2017

Hockey in the nation's capital as the champs show back up

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Penguins return to the scene of one of their biggest wins last season when they won 2-0 in DC against the Capitals in Game 7.

Add on 8 more wins and Pittsburgh has a Stanley Cup summer, where Washington quietly hangs another Presidents Trophy banner and moves on.

The winds of change hit both teams with significant defections of personnel loss. Neither team looks as deep as years past, but both teams should still be among the best in the Eastern Conference.

And it's always intense with a rivalry. Alex Ovechkin has scored about a million goals in the first two games already and is always keyed up to compete against his frie-nemy Evgeni Malkin and nemesis Sidney Crosby.