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Phil Kessel Makes Another Appearance on College Gameday (UPDATE: A SECOND PHIL SIGN)

For a second time in three weeks, Phil Kessel made his way onto College Gameday thanks to a hockey fan reminding us of a very important fact.

@j_a155 on Twitter

Three weeks ago in Blacksburg, Virginia a dedicated hockey fan remind the world of one very important fact, Phil Kessel is a two time Stanley Cup champion. The fan sent his message during ESPN’s weekly College Gameday show that runs every Saturday morning during the college football season.

Jump ahead to earlier this morning and College Gameday was broadcasting live from State College, Pennsylvania when Pens fan and Twitter user @j_a155 saw something amongst the sea of signs on the Old Main lawn.

Yes, that is Phil Kessel making another appearance on College Gameday thanks to a heroic fan and reminding a national audience that Phil is indeed a Stanley Cup champion.

God Bless hockey fans.


It looks like there was more than one Phil sign on location at Penn State.